Scientific and innovative developments

  1. Bread with pea protein isolate

  2. Soy buns

  3. Complex baking improvers "Posokh" ("Pikestaff")

  4. Bakery product "Hrechynka” ("Buckwheat groat")

  5. Bakery Product “Solodkyi kapryz” ("Sweet caprice")

  6. Bread ”Lionok" ("Toadflax")

  7. Bread with cereals and bran

  8. Bread with carrot pomace

  9. Milk ice cream with natural multifunctional components

  10. Fermented milk pastes with spices

  11. Protein and berry concentrates (semi-finished product for cottage cheese pastes, masses and desserts)

  12. Special purpose products for school meals

  13. Targeted products based on regional aquaculture for school meals

  14. Meat, cheese, fruit, and vegetable snacks

  15. Target, compositional and flavoring mixes

  16. Technologies of whey using for food fortification

  17. Gluten-free bread

  18. Bread "Drevnokyivskyi" ("Ancient Kyivan")

  19. Alternative plant-based products

  20. Cracker "Taiemnytsia" ("Secret")

  21. Cracker "Lisovyi Podykh" ("Forest Breath")

  22. Cracker "Amarantove dyvo" (“Amaranth miracle”)

  23. Cracker "Amarantova mahiia" (“Amaranth magic”)